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Profitwize Marketing Group, a leading online marketing firm. consults and advises some of the most successful businesses worldwide.

Founded by leading marketing expert and renowned online advertising authority, Hanif Khaki, Profitwize Marketing’s specialties include:

Creating online authority, brand awareness, market dominance; creating buyer demand by leveraging online audience targeting technology not found elsewhere.

Business Owners and Executives: Your Challenges:

1. There are over a million ways to advertise, yet most are untargeted and never reach your market. Wasted dollars and ad budgets.

2. You want your brand positioned above others in your industry. You want to be the obvious and only choice in your market. How do you advertise like the big companies without breaking your budget?

3. You have a great offer and want to show it to your competitors’ customers online. Ask us about our program that puts YOUR messages in front of your competitors’ prospects exactly when they are ready to buy.

4. You run online Pay-Per-Click ads and want to increase your ROI.

5. How do you extend TV, Radio, Flyers, and Direct Mail online and to people’s phones and TRACK it all?.

6. You spend dollars attracting visitors to you website, then realize 98% of your visitors leave without buying. How do you fix this?

7. Negative online reviews hurt sales. How do you fix this?

8. You want your visitors to stay on your site and keep them engaged, but how do you do this? Ask about our program that puts a video on your site that engages your visitors and helps your Google ranking, all within 24 hours of contacting us.

9. You want to know exactly WHO is coming to your website: Your visitors’ ages, occupation, gender, and more. But how do you do this and then how do you reach them after they have left your website?

We Solve This For You.

Ask us about our program that identifies your website visitors and allows you to advertise to them directly after they leave your website using targeted ads.

We put your brand in front of your target market on the most important and trusted websites and on mobile phones.

Through us, reach prospects located across multiple areas including zip codes, neighborhoods, cities, provinces, states, and virtually any country worldwide.

-Average lift in sales of 119%.
-99% of Google’s top 1000 advertisers using this.
-38% increase in brand search.
-400% increase in lead conversions.
-28% of visitors return to websites
-Lift in their online reputation

Can you gain by being able to reach any prospect, anytime, almost anywhere in the world? You decide.
To learn if or how you can specifically benefit from us, call or email us.

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